The story of a photographer

I am going to be completely honest in saying that bios and stories about myself are really not my thing. I can tell a story through images but having to put it down in writing is the most nerve wracking thing so I will do my best here.

My name is Adeana! I am a natural light photographer and owner of Adeana Marie Photography and Adeana Marie Boudoir. But more than that I am the daughter of Christ, a military spouse, fur mama to my sweet mutts Jeter and Lola and my husband and I currently reside on the beautiful island of Okinawa in Japan.

I am not gonna lie, I stumbled into photography by sweet chance. I have been a working makeup artist since 2006 and in 2012 the military life moved us to a little town in South Georgia called Valdosta. It is in this town that I discovered what would become my passion and career. I was doing makeup for Lavish Boudoir and overtime Leslie (the owner and one of my favorite people) asked if I wanted to see things from her end. With zero hesitation she put a camera in my hand and a client in front of my lens and BAM I was hooked. My photography career started in Boudoir and I still do it today and absolutely love it. It wasnt until I met my best friend Dani of DaniMarie Photography that I was encouraged to start taking on shoots outside the boudoir studio. So with the help of two amazing women my photography has blossomed into what it is today. I am still learning as every professional is or should be at least but this career has been such a blessing and I feel honored to be able to capture moments that can be shared with generations to come.

I currently specialize in Boudoir, Couples, Elopements and Portrait Photography. I hope this gives you a small glimpse of who I am and that we one day get to work together. If you need more info then here ya go.

Random facts about Adeana Marie

  • I was born and raised in Southern California where all my immediate family still resides.
  • My sister Amanda is my best friend and an honest prayer would be that all sisters could have what we have.
  • I can rewatch action and sci fi movies over and over again. Star Trek, all Mark Wahlberg/Peter Berg films and Day After Tomorrow to name a few.
  • I have never met a dog I do not love... I even have a shirt that says "Can I please pet your dog".
  • I love pizza! Like really love it!
  • I am self diagnosed with OCD and although I think it helps in my profession my husband probably feels different.
  • I will sing musicals at the top of my lungs (In The Heights) is my ultimate jam and I know every word.
  • I would rather live on a mountain than by the ocean but if that mountain has a view of the ocean then even better.
  • I have the cutest parents and was the nerd that was ok hanging with them when I was older.
  • My celebrity crush is Milo Ventimiglia (#teamjess).
  • I am a die hard Yankee fan and even have a female dog named Jeter (she was the cutest one in her litter and I was dead set on the name).
  • I really enjoy hiking even though I suck at it.
  • I am completely obsessed with my husband and am fully convinced he was created for me. Also he is 6 years younger than me so that's fun.
  • I am a ceiling fan, floor fan and thermostat at 60 kinda of sleeper. My husband is not.

Above Photo Credit: DaniMarie Photography in Valdosta, GA.